Simon Le Bon Booklets – 4 pack


The publishing debut of Custom Flotilla highlights one of the great lyricists of the early 1980s. Pop some pop art in your pocket!

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This 20 page booklet presents brief selections from Le Bon’s song lyrics, in turns koan-like, aphoristic, and fantastic. Due to popular demand, this is the fifth reprint of the booklet and features four new pages of hard-won wisdom and/or enigmatic graphic symbols. Measures only 2″ x 2″, so you will want to take this wherever you go and keep it handy for times of need. Sold in packs of 4, they’re great to pass out at parties (before you pass out of course). Condoms not included.

Custom Flotilla enters the publishing game at a crucial moment: when everyone is tired of everything linking to everything else, tired of things that have to be plugged into a wall and charged, and in need of simple pop advice delivered unencumbered by pop-up ads. Behold, a technology readily suited to these needs: #$&%ing books!


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